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SMART Technologies
classroom environment is, SMART gives stu-
dents the best in collaboration technology while
at the same time, enables educators to focus
on the teaching process. When students can
naturally interact together, they develop collab-
oration skills essential to becoming successful
beyond their academic years- a SMART aim to
ensure the learning process is equally as impor-
tant as the outcomes.
The cornerstone of SMART’s simplicity with
SMART kapp is that it fully leverages as a second-
ary to a mobile device. The newest member of
the SMART kapp family, SMART kappiQ, has the
ability for multi-way linking, 4K display, inking
over content and the same experience as kapp
with no IT involvement. This is the future of the
classroom and meeting room where mobile and
analog, personal and work come together.
Natural Collaboration
in the Classroom
SMART designs its products with educators and
students in mind; they ask, discover and learn in
order to build high-performance solutions engi-
neered for classrooms. SMART also evolves its
software to enable more natural learning than
we once found in classrooms.
Nowadays, technology comes quickly and
naturally to children. Students are frequently
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