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JULY 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
relying more on personal devices, interact-
ing with technology outside of the classroom
to explore, share and connect with the world.
SMART enables educators to bring that same
experience into the classroom.
SMART’s mission is to equip educators with
simple, intuitive technology solutions that allow
students to explore within the classroom just
like they do in the world - and ensure that tech-
nology is not a distraction but complimentary to
the curriculum.
SMART was the first company to bring
technology to the front of a classroom. The
SMART Board has become an essential part of
today’s classrooms and is used as universally as
the “chalkboard.”The company’s most success-
ful products to-date is the traditional SMART
Board, SMART kapp and SMART amp, a collab-
orative learning platform. And it doesn’t stop
there – SMART makes every effort to equip its
customers with compelling content and ideas.
Over 65,000 digital resources are available
on the SMART Exchange™ website, SMART’s
online community for educators. There are
approximately 50 country-specific versions of
the site. SMART Notebook, enables teachers to
create and deliver lessons, access education
content and engages students; conferencing
software; and interactive learning software with
lessons available for download in 23 languages.
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