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JUNE 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
solidified our spot as the leader in Canadian food
in the country,” says Pateman.
Pateman has big plans in honour of Canada’s
150th anniversary, coming up in 2017. He intends
to engage individuals and chefs through restau-
rant and retail channels including social media
campaigns to help define what constitutes
Canadian food. Pateman plans to hone this infor-
mation to start a non-profit division to market
Canadian food on an international level. Edible
Canada launched a coast-to-coast Canadian
dinner series earlier this year called the Coast to
Coast Dinner series, inviting chefs from all prov-
inces to tell their stories and share their dishes.
Over the years, Pateman would like to grow the
series for Canada’s upcoming monumental anni-
versary. As the project grows, Edible Canada will
be able to bring people and cooks from around
the country together to highlight their food
experiences to the rest of the world.
Within the next two months, Edible Canada
is also looking into the possibility of setting up a
restaurant and retail store in Japan in partnership
with the Canadian government and a Japanese
company. This venture would also be part of the
celebration of the 150th anniversary of Canada, a
great way to honour Canada’s multicultural roots
in one of the world’s top international markets.
“Our goal is to create a Canadian food com-
munity that has people to tell the story about
what Canadian food is, and sell it on the national
and world stage. We want to be at the centre of
that,” Pateman concludes.
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