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Edible Canada
What is Canadian cuisine? Edible
Canada, the nation’s largest culinary
tourism company, is devoted to
answering that question for locals
as well as national and international
tourists. Centrally located in
the prime tourist destination of
Granville Island in Vancouver,
British Columbia, Edible Canada
was founded in 2005 by company
President Eric Pateman, and began
as Edible Vancouver.
involved in the restaurant
business since he was just 12 years old, and his
idea to start the company in 2005 sprang from
a lifelong passion for eating and travelling. This
passion has brought him to all corners of the
globe, including Europe and Africa, where he
has tasted a wide variety of national cuisines.
Pateman’s company was originally focused on
local foods, and offered guided food tours of
Granville Island, along with whiskey dinners
and kayaking trips. However, after a few years
he began bringing in chefs from around British
Columbia in a temporary kitchen to showcase
different types of foods a few times a week.
Edible Vancouver blossomed into Edible British
Columbia, and eventually Edible Canada, as
Pateman’s vision grew. The dynamic company
now offers guided food tours, retail stores and a
restaurant that hosts private events, not to men-
tion international cooking displays showcasing
Canadian cuisine to the world.
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