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Edible Canada
A comprehensive
Canadian cuisine company
In Edible Canada’s headquarters on Granville
Island, there is a restaurant that specializes pri-
marily in locally sourced, Canadian cuisine, with
a 300 square-foot retail food store inside of the
restaurant. Many of the store products are used
in dishes served by the restaurant. There is also
a demo kitchen built into the mid-level, where
Pateman enjoys bringing in guest chefs to show-
case their talents to dinner guests.
In partnership with Vancouver Foodie
Tours, on Edible’s food tours, customers can
expect to be guided to parts of the city includ-
ing the adjacent Granville Island Public Market.
These close-knit tours allow a maximum of 15
guests, allowing for a more intimate—although
varied—food sampling experience. As Canada
is a diverse country, tourists should be ready to
taste a variety of cuisines.
“We touch on all of the nationalities that
represent Canada. Some of the best Indian, Thai
and Japanese restaurants are as Canadian as we
are, because they are buying everything local and
celebrating farmers, fish mongers, beverage pro-
ducers and more. They’re doing it with an ethnic
twist, and it’s all of that ethnicity that truly makes
Canada such a special and cool place to live.
“If you asked a hundred people today what
Canadian food is, you’d get a hundred different
answers. We’re working on helping Canadians
identify what Canadian food is internally, so that
we can market our country internationally as a
food destination,” Pateman elaborates.
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