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JUNE 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
Interestingly, although Granville Island is the
second-most visited tourist destination in Canada
after Niagara Falls, the tours usually have approxi-
mately 60% locals; people from both near and far
come to get a taste of true Canadian food.
Telling a story through
Edible Canada is able to feature many small and
up-and-coming independent farmers or food
producers through their retail store and restau-
rant. They work with farmers, brewers, artisan
food producers, and tell the story around their
products to the end-users, the food tourists.
Their 100% Canadian beverage program ensures
that any drink you order will be a Canadian brew,
and they have adopted a 70-20-10 model for
their other food products: 70% locally sourced,
20% national, and 10% international. Eating with
Edible Canada guarantees an authentic Canadian
“We’re storytellers,”Pateman states. “We rep-
resent over 300 Canadian food artisans between
our bistro and retail stores.”
In addition to their store on Granville Island,
Vancouver, the company also operates in-house
artisan shops, curating a very small area of their
store with the best Canadian food products
branded under Edible Canada. One is located in
the stunning wine region of the Okanagan Valley,
in partnership with Road 13 Vineyards. The sce-
nic Valley is known for its dry, sunny climate, fruit
orchards and vineyards. Pateman selected 100%
Canadian products to complement their wines.
The other “store-within-a-store” is in Tofino,
British Columbia, and is a partnership with Tofino
Sea Kayaking. Tofino is a coastal district and a
popular tourist destination for whale watchers
and fishermen. The store features food products,
home wares and cookbooks.
In an effort to reach more and more
Canadians with incredible food stories, Edible
Canada is quickly expanding. There are five addi-
tional retail locations set to open before the
summer, all under the same in-house concept.
Edible Canada is continuing to partner with exist-
ing businesses, such as grocery stores, restaurants,
lifestyle stores and cooking schools nationwide.
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