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JUNE 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
A holistic business
Edible Canada operates under a principle of
responsibility in all of their business ventures,
whether it is through their commitment to sus-
tainability, their superb customer service or their
interactions with stakeholders.
The company is dedicated to sustainability,
not only through its local sourcing practices,
but also through providing electric vehicle (EV)
charging stations in the restaurant, free to use
for their customers. It is often extremely difficult
to find parking in Granville Island in general, so
owners of EVS get to plug in at a prime parking
spot just outsidethe restaurant’s patio. With fuel
prices on the rise once more, many restaurant
visitors have made use of the stations.
Edible Canada further strives to accommo-
date their customers through their restaurant
menu, which is 90% gluten free. This includes
fish and chips, other deep-fried foods and
breads. The company prioritizes offering healthy
options without compromising the taste of the
cuisine. Moreover, the menu always features a
vegetarian or vegan option.
Edible Canada also prioritizes employee
engagement and development. Many of their
staff have been with the company since day
one. This is a rarity in the food business, which
is known for its high employee turnover. To
increase staff retention, the company is commit-
ted to hiring the best people, and offering them
substantial internal opportunities for learning
and growth. The company has a fulltime staff
member who focuses on sourcing the best prod-
ucts from food artisans to ensure that no local
talent will remain undiscovered, as Pateman rec-
ognizes that the privilege of telling these stories
is what allows Edible Canada to be who they are.
Celebrating Canada
Edible Canada is involved with other organiza-
tions in the tourism industry, and also nurtures
their relationships with the Canadian Tourism
Commission, Tourism Vancouver and Tourism
British Columbia.
“We’ve been very fortunate to promote
Canadian food and our brand on the world stage
through those organizations, and that certainly
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