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Highbury Canco
Highbury Canco (Highbury) is an
industry leader in both co-packing
and third party logistics. Their 2.1MM
Square Foot Facility, coupled with 31
production lines, a semi-automated
warehouse and a results oriented
supply chain team give Highbury the
capacity to manage large integrated
manufacturing projects for food and
beverage products while delivering
the consistency that their brands
the Heinz facility,
Heinz officially closed on June 27th 2014. On
July 1st, Highbury Canco opened its doors for
business. The following day, Highbury shipped
50 truckloads of product out their backdoor; a
high accomplishment executed by a truly strong
team. Presently, Highbury is producing a signifi-
cant amount of product in their factory daily and
also acts as the third party logistics and ware-
house provider for Heinz in Canada, shipping
products from coast to coast.
Sam Diab, President and CEO of Highbury
Canco, and three other Ontario based investors,
acquired the site from Heinz. Diab essentially grew
up around the food industry and spent ten years
with Heinz, starting off in contract manufacturing,
purchasing, supply chain, customer service, pro-
duction planning and management, warehouse
and logistics roles. He also spent some time in
Pittsburgh with Heinz Corporate doing commodity
risk management. In his last role with Heinz, Diab
was the general management for the facility. “With
the facility closing, we saw an opportunity to create
some jobs, produce and distribute some products
for Heinz as well as become a producer of our own
products.” says Diab.
As for its name, Highbury Canco was derived
by Diab who played around with combinations of
words; “canco” to represent the canning indus-
try as well as being a national company while
“Highbury” was a name that was used in other
trades but Diab combined the two together and
the name stuck.
The facility is situated on 46 acres in the
heart of Leamington Ontario. In their first round
of hiring, Highbury hired 250 employees directly
from the 640 Heinz employees or so that were
impacted by the closure. “Since then we’ve grown
significantly, says Diab. “We currently have 315
Sam Diab, President and CEO
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