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JUNE 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
employees and we are in the process of recruiting
another ten. We will continue to grow steadily as
we secure more business and more volume.”
Highbury has capabilities to produce a vast
portfolio of products that include: beans, pasta,
soup, tomato-based dips and sauces, tomato
juice, mayonnaise, BBQ sauce and steak sauce,
to name a few. “In the manufacturing side we
are vertically integrated within our tomato sup-
ply chain”, says Diab.“We process fresh tomatoes
in our facility to tomato paste, tomato juiceand
other tomato based products.”
Highbury also produces various condiments,
dry cereals, dips and salad dressings. Due to
the versatility and automation of the facility, the
breadth of products manufactured is quite exten-
sive. “We are also working to modernize some of
our capabilities which will take place over the next
three years,” says Diab. “We are focusing on more
innovative packaging solutions as well.”
While Highbury continues to manufacture
original Heinz products, they also do a significant
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