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Highbury Canco
amount of research and development for their
own products and recipes to expand their
business and present a selection of Highbury
proprietary products to offer to the market.
“We’re looking at innovative opportunities to
put products in the market that are different and
what consumers are looking for,” says Diab.“We
try to come up with products that fill a necessity.”
Today’s savvy consumers are better informed
and it is important for them to know where their
food is coming from. “We’re fortunate to be
rooted locally in a heavy agricultural area. We
have access to the raw materials that we need
to make the finished goods that people are
after,” says Diab. “People want products that are
minimally processed, and people want to know
where their food comes from.”
For Highbury, the quality and safety of their
products is paramount. A team of experienced
quality professionals monitor all facets of prod-
uct preparation 24 hours a day. “There are
important controls required when you are mak-
ing food in a large factory with manufacturing
practices and monitoring the day to day activity
within the facility,” says Diab.“Things like per-
sonal hygiene and uniforms all tie into our Good
Manufacturing Practices (GMP) program. It’s
important not to be complacent so that we con-
sistently deliver the consistency and quality that
our consumer wants.”
From the receipt of quality raw materials to
the release of products for shipping, Highbury
makes certain that their foods consistently
exceed customer expectations for quality and
food safety. As a Canadian Food Inspection
Agency registered processor and by systemati-
cally assessing and controlling risk, Highbury
ensures all products meet strict food safety con-
trols. Adherence to industry standard guarantees
foods are wholesome and pure.
Highbury is working to take advantage of
opportunities to provide convenient products to
people that don’t have the time to make them
from scratch on their own but really mimic what
they could create from home. “Sadly, the domes-
tic supply of many products have disappeared
in our marketplace over time”, says Diab. “Some
products that remain pantry staples in most
kitchens are now generally produced abroad and
imported into Canada.”
Highbury recognizes that the development
of new products is essential for growing their
business. Their product innovation specialists
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