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JUNE 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
work closely with a full range of product devel-
opment needs to ensure new products will meet
or exceed functional and taste requirements.“We
look at ourselves as the industry experts,” says
Diab.“We know what it takes to make and ship
food in Canada as well as abroad and we know
how to do it well.As a small company, we are
quite nimble and able to move quickly and make
things happen with large customers and their
It’s all about growth at Highbury. In their first
six to eight months of operation, they greatly
focused on stabilizing the facility, the work-
force and the products that they currently have
under contract during a rather big undertaking
in a short span of time. “We’re now in a posi-
tion where we are actively pursuing growth and
many avenues for private label manufacturing,
co-packing and our own branded products,” says
Diab. This will allow Highbury to create more
jobs, further stabilize the business and hopefully
add value to the community.
Highbury currently employs 315 workers
and is looking to hire 10 more at the Leamington
tomato processing plant. “In our hiring process,
it’s really important to find people that can think
on their own and are able to work somewhat
autonomously,” says Diab. “With this being the food
industry, you want your employees upon walking
into the facility, to feel like their walking into their
own kitchen and have those high standards for
themselves and for the people around them.”
Highbury is proud to be a family-oriented
company and encourages people with those
same values. “Being in a challenged environment
from a cost perspective, it’s important for us to
hire people who come into a work and want to
make a difference, want to improve and are will-
ing to adapt to change,” says Diab.
In less than a year’s time Highbury success-
fully continues to manufacture some of Canada’s
favorite products and is projected to grow with
their existing brands as well as new products in
the years to come.“While we’ve made some tre-
mendous progress thus far, we continue to look
forward to growing this business to the footprint
that this facility once was,” says Diab.
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