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JUNE 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
Weatherston believes that there will be a day
when Net Zero homes are the new standard. The
industry in general has had a positive response to
the program and is ready to embrace changes, and
Reid’s Heritage Homes is proud to be an industry
leader. The company’s goal is to have all single-
family homes Net Zero-ready by the end of 2016,
so that every home buyer will have the option to
build their home as a Net Zero home if they desire.
Creating lifelong
As a company at the forefront of not only inno-
vation and sustainability, but also customer
service, Reid’s Heritage Homes has been highly
regarded as a top mid-sized Canadian business,
particularly in recent years. In 2013, the Ontario
Home Builders’ Association awarded them the
Ontario Home Builder of the Year Award. In
2014, they made it to the Top 50 Best Small and
Medium Employers in Canada by an organization
that analyzed employee engagement, and this
year, they were listed among Canada’s top 100
SME employers by another group that evaluated
employee engagement, business development
engagement and business portfolio as a whole.
The company has earned its success and
recognition by standing by 10 core values that
are much appreciated by their loyal customers.
Among them are aspiring to be the best, being
respectful and kind, having fun, maintaining a
professional attitude, having integrity, com-
municating effectively, remaining world-class
innovators, celebrating the team’s success, taking
pride in their work and taking personal responsi-
bility for their work. Reid’s Heritage Homes also
abides by a “customer for life philosophy,” which
involves offering an optimal experience for peo-
ple building new homes.
“We want to be the most sought-after
builder. We want to make sure that the expe-
rience of our customers is top notch. That
includes everything from sales and décor
through to construction, home service and war-
ranty. We want the people who buy our homes
to have the ultimate experience and therefore
become repeat buyers, and encourage their
friends and family to build homes with us as
well,” says Weatherston.
By encouraging environmentally friendly
building practices and lifestyles, and overall
healthier homes for the individuals who reside in
them, Reid’s Heritage Homes works to set a posi-
tive example for other builders.
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