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Reid’s Heritage Homes
is a family-owned
business that has been building innovative,
quality homes in Ontario since 1978. Based in
Cambridge, Ontario, Reid’s Heritage Homes
builds both single- and multi-family homes,
ranging from mid-rise condos to custom estates.
They have numerous divisions in well-planned
communities in northern and Southwestern
Ontario, the Bruce region and Collingwood.
Regardless of the type of home that buyers
select, each customer receives exceptional ser-
vice as well as a high-quality home built with a
commitment to environmental sustainability.
The Net Zero program
Reid’s Heritage Homes, along with a few other
builders, was selected by the Ministry of Natural
Resources Canada (NRCan) to participate in a
“Net Zero” initiative. A Net Zero home is a home
that produces as much energy as the aver-
age user consumes. This is achieved by adding
energy producing features that rely on renewable
sources, such as solar panels, and constructing
the home to improve air sealing and overall effi-
ciencies. NRCan partnered with Owens Corning
to come up with a program to test the ambitious
objective put forth by the American Association
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