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JUNE 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
of Architects that by 2030, all homes could be
built as Net Zero homes.
While lavish, custom-built Net Zero homes
have existed for years, NRCan added one final
twist to the project: building these houses for the
mainstream public and including low-rise pro-
duction builders, using products accessible to
the average builder. The national project guaran-
tees construction of a minimum of 25 Net Zero
homes in four provinces, working with five build-
ers. Reid’s Heritage Homes is proud to be one
of these five prestigious builders, representing
Southwestern Ontario in the construction of five
Net Zero homes in the master-planned Guelph-
based Westminster Woods community. The first
of the five Net Zero homes was completed just
this May.
As part of their Net Zero project, Reid’s
Heritage Homes has partnered with the
University of Guelph, specifically with the College
of Business and Economics and the College of
Physical and Engineering Science.
“Our relationship with the University of
Guelph has really grown to encompass so much
more than studying occupant behaviour in the
homes. A number of groups from the university
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