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Reid’s Heritage Homes
have worked to develop a dashboard to model
the production and consumption of energy. The
application prototypes encourage reduction
in energy through reminders and home main-
tenance items, thereby changing behavioural
habits of occupants. We are proud to be teamed
up with the high level of educational standards
that the University of Guelph has exhibited,” says
Jennifer Weatherston, Director of Innovation for
Reid’s Heritage Homes.
Building a Net Zero
“Modern Thinking. Timeless Values.” is a motto
that Reid’s Heritage Homes takes very seriously,
as the company has a history of environmental
responsibility. They built the first North American
LEED Platinum Home in Canada in 2007, and
were the first home builder to receive the Energy
Star Builder of the Year Award from NRCan in
2012. Even with this background in sustainable
practices, building their first Net Zero home
came with some exciting new challenges.
“It’s a very exciting experience. All of the
homes that we are building are Energy Star certi-
fied, but the Net Zero homes really challenged us
to be cost effective as that’s part of the NRCan
project. We have to show innovation and cost
conservation so it’s more friendly to the produc-
tion environment of home building,” explains
Weatherston. “With the first home, we learned
many lessons related to construction, timing
and the use of different products. Net Zero really
forced us to inspect the quality and practices of
our installations.”
These practices involve utilizing optimal
framing techniques as well as adding increased
insulation within the walls (including basement
walls), attics and basement floors, coupled with
a beefed-up wall assembly to accommodate the
wall insulation. There are also advanced air seal-
ing details through the use of Owens Corning’s
Code Board Air Barrier system, which dra-
matically reduces air leakage of the homes. The
homes have triple pane windows by JELD-WEN
Windows, for enhanced comfort and insula-
tion while providing noise reduction. The homes
incorporate leading technology in heating and
Jennifer Weatherston, Director of Innovation
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