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Reid’s Heritage Homes
cooling using air sourceheat pump components
by Dettson for a gas backup option or a full
electric option through Mitsubishi. Due to the
superior air sealing in the homes, energy recov-
ery ventilation units by Vanee provide the needed
fresh air ventilation to improve overall air qual-
ity. The homes come equipped with LED lighting
and Energy Star appliances. The hot water tanks,
by Rheem, are hybrid air source tanks, and a
drain water recovery system unit captures energy
from showers and uses it to pre-warm water
going into the tank.
Reid’s Heritage Homes is also showcas-
ing traditional solar panels through Bluewater
Energy in addition to new technology through
the Building Integrated Solar Panel installation
from Strathcona Energy Group. The integrated
system enhances the longevity of the roof and
installs directly onto the roof structure, creating a
weather barrier and a durable surface to produce
energy without requiring shingle installation as
with traditional solar panels.
When totaling the cost of purchasing a Net
Zero home in comparison to the savings in util-
ity bills, it nets out to zero or close to a negative
number. In code-built homes, 54% of the energy
consumed is spent on heating and cooling, aver-
aging 109 gigajoules annually. With a Net Zero
home, that 54% becomes a matter of occupant
behaviour, and those who choose to live more
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