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JUNE 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
conservatively experience notable savings, with
annual energy usage averaging just 39 gigajoules.
Working towards a
sustainable future
Although those who buy Net Zero homes will
never experience the stale home smell or the
cold basement feeling again, it is an invest-
ment that not everyone is yet willing to make.
However, Weatherston sees a reduction in the
cost of Net Zero homes in the future, already
anticipating a 25% reduction in costs between
building the first home and the following four.
“Net Zero is not a new concept to the
building industry. The difference is that because
of the products that are available on the mar-
ketplace now and the demand for them, half of
our cost goes toward renewables, such as solar
panels. We really try to gear our construction
processes and products we are selecting to be
builder friendly and trade friendly. The U.S. has
already targeted 2030 as the year of the Net
Zero building standard. It is aggressive and it
is going to take an industry movement, but by
working through this project and showing other
builders and home owners that there is a higher
level of construction that is not that much more
expensive, it becomes very appealing,” says
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