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MARCH 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
surface lot, owned by The City in exchange for
strata title to develop enclosed parking stalls.
The CPA will manage those stalls as public
parking and may manage the rest of the parking
associated with the development as well. The
development will be a mixed-use development,
potentially involving residential, office, retail, and
hotel space. This allows the CPA to make use
of existing assets while ensuring the best use
of valuable downtown property. This business
model will likely be applied towards other future
developments in Calgary’s downtown area.
Commitment to
The CPA believes in attracting the best team and
is a workplace of choice. They offer employees
benefits such as flexible work options; provide
opportunities for learning and development and
offer health and wellness support. They always
focus on working at being the best and strive
to improve customer service practices for both
external and internal customers through further
staff training and the introduction of service
The CPA is committed to supporting and
building strong communities. Each year, the CPA
returns tens of millions of dollars to The City
of Calgary that go towards building recreation
centres, libraries, pathways and supporting the
transportation network. They further support
organizations like Alberta Children’s Hospital,
Calgary’s Road Home, Inter-faith food bank, The
United Way, Backpacks for Kids and Canadian
Blood Services.
The CPA also assists with public safety at
events, such as parades, community festivals,
or in association with public emergencies. They
frequently participate in public awareness and
education campaigns like “Park Safe School
Safety”, “Child Safety Awareness Campaign” and
“Curb the Tickets”.
The CPA is a leader in the parking enforce-
ment business because of their focus on
compliance, where there is an emphasis placed
on revenue gained from their customers pay-
ing to park rather than through the payment of
tickets. While enforcement remains to be a large
part of what the CPA does, their aim is to deliver
exceptional parking solutions linked with com-
pliance in parking regulations through public
education and information.
To learn more about the Calgary Parking
Authority and its ParkPlus System visit:
Advantages to the ParkPlus System:
1. Maximize valuable space
2. Decrease number of ticket disputes
3. Reduce the amount of time spent in court
4. Optimize operational efficiencies
5. Increase payment compliance
6. Attractive return on investment
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