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Calgary Parking Authority
The Calgary Parking Authority (CPA)
fulfills the City of Calgary’s parking
mandates and implements the
municipality’s parking policies by
managing on- and off-street public
parking facilities, enforcement
programs and providing parking
advisory services. Today, the Calgary
Parking Authority uses leading-
edge technology to provide public
parking on streets, in parkades and
in surface parking lots. The CPA is
committed to providing excellent
customer service as they continually
review regulations and implement
technology to provide the best
parking options and customer
IN 1968,
the Calgary City Council passed a by-
law, establishing the Calgary Parking Authority to
develop and operate public parking facilities on
behalf of The City of Calgary. The CPA reports
to City Council through its Board of Directors.
In 1994, responsibility for parking enforcement
and management of the impound lot was also
transferred to the CPA. The world of parking has
changed dramatically over the past ten years and
the Calgary Parking Authority (CPA) has been at
the forefront from the very beginning.
Officially charged with the duties of man-
aging and enforcing on- and off-street parking
on behalf of The City of Calgary, the CPA also
became a parking software pioneer after it
invented then developed the ParkPlus System™.
Since then, parking in Calgary has never been
easier and payment can be done with just a few
touches on your cell phone or at a pay machine.
When the ParkPlus system debuted on
Calgary’s streets in 2007, the CPA called it a
revolution. Their primary goal was to create a
more convenient experience for their customers
and stakeholders. Today, this system is one of the
most sophisticated pay-by-plate systems avail-
able and they are ready to share it.
The ParkPlus System uses a dual-pronged
approach to marry the payment and enforce-
ment processes through the use of licence plate
recognition technology; the license plate effec-
tively becomes the parking permit or credential.
The CPA stands apart from other providers by
handling both aspects in tandem and has experi-
enced a 15 per cent increase in net revenue as a
result of these management efficiencies.
How the ParkPlus
System works
The customer enters the system using their
licence plate number at either a pay machine
or with their cell phone, while camera mounted
vehicles scan licence plates to verify payment.
This process streamlines efficiency and can be
used on-street, in surface lots or within parkades
through the installation of stationary cameras to
create a virtual gate. It’s the ease and efficiency of
this system that sets it apart from others: custom-
ers have a straight-forward and easy way to pay
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