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Calgary Parking Authority
so they do, while on the operations-side, enforce-
ment officers only have to check the vehicles in
violation, which are just a small percentage of the
vehicles scanned by the system. All those vehicles
for which payment has been made are automati-
cally accepted as valid by the system.
The City of Calgary
When the ParkPlus System was introduced, the
goal was to provide added customer conve-
nience and this remains a goal to this day. Over
the years, the CPA has developed a reputation
for being innovative and both technologically
and customer service driven, and their customers
have taken notice. In a recent survey conducted
by Ipsos Reid (2013), 88 per cent of CPA cus-
tomers indicated that they are “satisfied” or “very
satisfied” with the ParkPlus System while 92 per
cent of their cell phone payment customers
echoed those satisfaction levels. Recent data
shows that these satisfaction levels have resulted
in a 19 per cent increase in payment compliance:
people are choosing to pay for their parking
more than ever before.
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