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MARCH 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
Since the adoption of the ParkPlus System,
the City of Calgary has benefited from a 10
per cent increase in available on-street space
because painting designated stall space isn’t
necessary. By opening up the curb side in this
manner, more vehicles are able to park in a given
area as smaller cars are able to utilize space that
a regular sized vehicle can’t squeeze into.
The city’s downtown street-scape was also
immediately enhanced through the removal of
hundreds of meters that clogged the sidewalks,
and this made way for easier pedestrian access
which supports The City’s goal of encouraging
alternate modes of transportation.
The CPA has experienced staggering
enforcement related successes. As a result of
using automated photo enforcement, today, 10
enforcement officers do what 16 officers pro-
duced with ticket numbers. More notably, there’s
been a 60 per cent drop in the number of dis-
puted tickets because of the strength of photo
evidence; as a result, the number of court chal-
lenges has been drastically reduced saving the
company costs related to fees and time spent in
court. These same streamlined efficiencies have
impacted the operations side of the business
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