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Calgary Parking Authority
as well. Today, the CPA does more with fewer
staff which has given the organization the abil-
ity to redistribute its manpower and finances and
allowed for an enhanced customer experience.
ParkPlus System helps
The ParkPlus System was a home-grown, high-
tech answer to effectively managing publicly
owned on- and off-street parking on behalf
of Calgarians. After having tremendous suc-
cess with these applications, the simplicity of
the system from both the user and operator’s
perspective has been a point of interest for busi-
nesses as well as other municipalities.
In 2014 the CPA became the choice pro-
vider for the Calgary Zoo’s parking needs
because of its ability to manage both the opera-
tions and enforcement aspects under one roof.
This opportunity was a big step for the parking
authority in bringing its product and services to
the private sector; since this implementation,
which included transitioning more than 20,000
zoo members parking privileges to an online
in-house developed program called Park Online,
other opportunities have opened up.
Soon after the zoo launch, TELUS Spark
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