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MARCH 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
(which is Calgary’s science centre) transitioned
to the ParkPlus System and now residential
and commercial developers are looking to the
ParkPlus System to maximize their on-site park-
ing supply.
The sky appears to be the limit for the sys-
tem and its applications. The City of Edmonton
has been testing it in their downtown core with
great success and customer satisfaction. The
CPA knows the strength of its product and its
current goal is to get the ParkPlus System into
cities around the world so they too can reap the
rewards the CPA has experienced over the years.
Recently, the CPA teamed up with Cubic
Transportation Systems, which is the company
responsible for developing and supplying inte-
grated transportation solutions to major cities
like London and Sydney, to see how the CPA’s
software might fit into projects they’re exploring
around globe.
Park Online Application
The CPA is excited to spearhead “Park Online”,
a new online application that puts Calgarians
in the driver’s seat when it comes to manag-
ing their parking around the city. Park Online
ensures a seamless process whether for custom-
ers: parking in a CPA lot on a monthly basis, have
a reserved stall at a Calgary Transit Park & Ride
location or customers who enjoy the parking
privileges that come with being a Calgary Zoo or
TELUS Spark (Science Centre) member.
Park Online is the tool customers can use
to get on the wait list for monthly parking. Upon
registration, customers can instantly see their
status and upon reaching the top of the waitlist,
are contacted for a monthly contract at one of
their choice locations. Existing customers will
enjoy complete control of their monthly parking.
There is no issue with using multiple vehicles as
the system allows licence plate updates, elimi-
nating the need of emailing in a change request.
Creating Sustainable
CPA’s current developments are to deliver new
customer service technological enhancements
including a mobile optimized website. This will
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