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UA Canada
he worked at Kingston Locomotive and the
Shipyards. When that collapsed he took his weld-
ing and fitting skills and joined the UA in Kingston
Local 221.”
Following in his father’s footsteps, Telford
joined UA Local 221 in 1972 right out of high
school. Now his sons Brad and Cody are proud
UA members. Telford spent most of his initial
training on small institutional and commer-
cial work serving as a plumber’s apprentice,
conducting plumbing work and low-pressure
heating in schools, hospitals and in prisons.
After five years he became a journeyman and
then followed that up serving as a foreman on
a number of projects. In 1988 he became the
Business Manager of Local 221.
The success of UA Canada can be attrib-
uted to a strong complementary leadership
team that works alongside Telford. Amongst
that inner group of executives are a number of
people who are integral to spearheading initia-
tives within the union. Rob Kinsey is responsible
for western Canada and the north; Budrow
Tozer heads up GPC-NMA – all the heavy
industrial maintenance shutdown work; James
MacDonald takes care of eastern Canada; Steve
Morrison is in charge of the Ontario region, Ron
Maisonneuve handles Quebec; Tony Finelli leads
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