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MARCH 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
inspections. They also inspect any large bridges in
the country and check the integrity of the bolting
and the steel every five years and go on trains to
ensure the metals have not been fatigued. There
are about 200 QCC at Pearson Airport examining
the structural integrity of the airplanes.
Overall, the trades industry has changed – for the
better. One of the most noticeable advancements
is how work camps have evolved over the past
five to six years making the lifestyle for employees
much nicer. Not that long ago there were com-
munal showers and double bunking. Today almost
any new camp has single rooms with their own
bathrooms and showers along with a flat-screen
TV and Wi-Fi Internet connection.
“We’ve built those camp standards within
our collective bargaining agreements,” Telford
says “The client and contractor understands the
young man or woman staying there are going
to be working for at least 14 straight days. If you
want to get anything out of them in the final few
days they’d better be somewhat comfortable.”
Ten years ago it was commonplace for
someone in construction to be away from home
for three to six months at a time in order to make
the financial benefits worthwhile. Now, workers
stationed in places like the oil sands (Fort Mac)
are flying home to see their families on a much
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