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UA Canada
and none of them ended up at the UA. I think we
have to do a better job of encouraging the First
Nations to join the building trades.”
Signature projects
In a union as expansive as UA Canada it is very
difficult to pick out several key projects, but a
few examples would include the Maple Leaf
Foods Project in Hamilton, which was one of the
most comprehensive refrigeration projects ever
undertaken when it began in 2009. UA mem-
bers from Locals 787, 67, and 853, along with
travelers from locals across Canada, performed
outstandingly on the project according to Robert
Kaminski, Director of Engineering for Maple Leaf
Foods. The Red Hill Business Park is the largest
and most technologically advanced plant of its
kind in Canada—and perhaps in the world, and
then there was the Milton co-gen project, which
was the biggest in Ontario at 880 Mega Watts.
More recently UA has been given widespread
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