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MARCH 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
recognition for work on the offshore drilling rigs that
they’re building in Newfoundland. UA is in the pro-
cess of building a third drilling rig now with a fourth
one likely to follow within the next two years.
UA Canada was also integral in the construc-
tion of virtually all the major hospitals built in
Toronto over the past 30 years including Princess
Margaret. UA workers have built every hydro
station in Ontario as well as Darlington and the
Bruce nuclear plant. They are all 100% union
built. UA also does the vast majority of the auto
industry builds as well. Irving Oil is the largest
oil refinery in Canada and one of the largest in
North America – and it too was built by skilled
UA personnel.
“Irving Oil supplies three quarters of the gas
used on the eastern seaboard of the U.S,” Telford
advises. “The oil sands projects in Northern Alberta
have been the corner stone of UA work opportu-
nities for the past 20+ years. Thank-you 488.”
Future Plans
Over the next three to five years Telford would
like to see a 10-15% growth in all sectors, which
includes heavy and light industrial, commercial,
institutional, HVAC, sprinkler, residential, service
and maintenance, industrial maintenance, pipeline,
pipeline distribution and fabrication. There’s also
a formerly big sector making its way back into the
mainstream and that’s the shipbuilding industry.
“They haven’t built ships in this country in 25
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