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MARCH 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
Telford also knows it’s essential for the union
to continue to increase upon its political influ-
ence and not only maintain its stringent training
standards, but continue to find new ways to
improve and stay ahead of the competition,
which is especially predominant nowadays with
technology changing at such a rapid pace. A
case in point is a big hospital that is currently
being built in Telford’s hometown of Kingston.
“That hospital 25 years ago would have had
100 to 150 UA workers on it but today it will prob-
ably peak out at 40 – 50 and it’s because of
technology. So did we lose out on 110 jobs? I’m
not sure that’s the case because you can’t stymie
technology. We’re going to build a better hospital
with a better central heating system. It just makes it
that much more important for us to get all the hos-
pital contracts. We have to embrace technology
and move ahead, every job is important” he states.
UA Canada makes it abundantly clear to all
members that the union does not protect its
members but rather it represents its members.
It may seem like a subtle difference on the sur-
face but Telford says the UA cannot and will not
protect any individual who does not conduct
business in a professional manner, which includes
showing respect for all parties involved on any
given project. Because of that no-nonsense
approach and commitment to professionalism,
Telford says it makes it easy to stand behind his
workers and fight for their rights.
“We have a lot of people’s confidence back
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