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UA Canada
that we had lost a long time ago. We have to
continue to be more professional and more pro-
ductive and we have to be safer. I guarantee that
every one of my workers will live up to the col-
lective agreements signed,” he assures.
A number of great opportunities have come
to the surface in recent years in all regions of
Canada, but British Columbia is the one province
that is expected to be especially strong due to
the number of large-scale projects coming up
over the next few years.
“We have 16 proposed LNGs of which you’re
going to see one or maybe two,” Telford opines.
“To feed that plant we’ve got to build five gas plants
a billion a piece on the interior of British Columbia
and then we’ve got to get 42-inch pipelines from
the Alberta border through the mountains to
somewhere around Kitimat, B.C. The gas lines will
probably go. The lines that are being opposed
are the oil lines because if it ruptures you’ve got a
huge environmental problem. If a gas line ruptures
you’ve got a fire and gas in the air hopefully in a
remote area– that’s the difference.”
Saskatchewan has also been a booming prov-
ince for the past three or four years where UA Local
179 recently surpassed 5 million man hours. That
Local has grown from 1,100 to 1,700 workers in the
past few years with about 450 to 500 apprentices.
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