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MAY 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
extra information—“things that may be more
meaningful to a computer technician than a
farmer”—and instead highlights relevant informa-
tion for the particular type of farmer or field that
he is working with.
“We focus on making sure that all data that
is available from a drone is ready to be used by
a farmer or crop consultant. We spend a lot of
time ensuring that we’re processing all of that
data into a format that is ready to go, so that
farmers don’t have to worry about getting it into
their farm management software. They can start
making farm-related decisions immediately. All
of our reports are put together in a very clear
and concise manner, showing exactly what the
farmer needs to know to make decisions. Also,
we are not limited to one type of drone or farm
software. We can process data from any type of
drone and convert it to any type of farm software
so that we can reach all aspects of the agri-
culture market and be available for all levels of
farmers,” says Genik.
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