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MAY 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
For instance, last October, Genik was
approached by a farmer who was interested in
doing some surface drainage work on his field,
as he was losing production yield and wasting
inputs every year due to the excess moisture
getting caught in the sinks in his field. AgSky was
able to create a topography map of the field. It
took about 30 minutes to map the 160-acre field
with a drone, and then three hours to process
the data for delivery to the farmer. From there,
the farmer was able to load the reports into his
tractor display for reference while he worked
on the field. When AgSky did a follow up report,
they saw that he had cleared approximately 80%
of his sink areas. The service paid for itself, as for
years to come the drainage and crop yield for the
farmer will be improved. Additionally, by using
AgSky’s services the farmer was able to save his
time, labour, and fuel.
Genik points out that although traditionally,
larger farms are the ones that make full use of
the latest technology, with AgSky, this high level
of technology is available to any farm, which is
encouraging for smaller businesses or farms that
are looking to complete smaller projects using
precision agriculture.
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