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From then to now
Genik has 15 years of experience in computer
consulting. He first became inspired to get into
aerial imaging when he worked on his uncle’s
farm. After a day’s work, he would chat with his
uncle about the ways in which new technolo-
gies could change farming operations.
“My uncle was very interested in drones
and what they could bring to the table for
farmers. He asked a lot of questions and got
me looking into it for him. Unfortunately, he
passed away unexpectedly in December, 2013.
That meant the farm was basically no longer in
operation. Once the dust settled, I decided that
in his memory, I would carry on with what we
had started together, and see what I could put
together to help other farmers because there
was clearly a lot of interest,” explains Genik.
The company is growing fast. Currently,
Genik manages a single crew that is licensed
to operate in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta. Genik plans to set up additional crews,
possibly as early as this summer. He is also
considering franchising so that other agri-
businesses can add drone capabilities to their
existing services.
How has the company grown so quickly?
Genik attributes most of his sales to his social
media presence.
“I’ve been putting myself out there through
a lot of the newer channels on social media.
I’ve discovered that farmers really tend to love
social media—Twitter in particular. I’ve used it
to show off the kinds of data I can use from a
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