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Matrix Transportation Solutions
Matrix Transportation Solutions
(Matrix) is a leading third party
logistics provider that focuses on
offering freight management services
to manufacturers and shippers
through the use of innovative
technology, industry expertise and
contemporary approach to real
world logistics. Matrix has strategic
partnerships and agreements with
over a thousand carriers throughout
North America and transport freight
via land, air and sea.
in the transportation indus-
tries for over two decades,” says Manny Sohi,
President. “Our vision was to be able to connect
all of North America’s shippers to carriers at the
best rates possible. That’s when we decided to
branch off into the brokerage side of the busi-
ness which allows us to do exactly that. We are
better able to serve customers across North
America in a variety of Industries and connect
our most reliable carriers to haul their shipments
at competitive rates.”
Matrix provides road transport services in
Canada with a high-quality truckload service.
Their modern fleet includes a variety of vans
from 48 to 53 feet in length. Air Ride and flat-
bed Specialized Equipment is geared to suit the
diverse needs of their Customers. Matrix car-
ries Intermodal (Rail), Highway Refrigerated and
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