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MAY 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
a Flatbed convoy while offering full truck load
and less than truck load service all across North
America. Matrix finds the best carrier to haul cus-
tomer shipments at competitive rates while their
customer agents make themselves fully available
to ensure a smooth delivery process.
Through Sea or Sky
Matrix offers the best and most professional way
possible to transport sea cargo in Canada and
the USA whether it be break bulk, containers,
flat racks, LCL and gateway consolidations or
Matrix experienced cargo specialists organize
activities for full container load (FCL) cargo to
international ports and also offer less than con-
tainer load (LCL) movements.
For customers who have faster transit time
requirements, air freight can be the most efficient
solution for goods that require quick delivery.
Matrix provides Superior, Economical, Standard
and Saver Intermodal air solutions. They offer full
global coverage of air transportation services in
co-operation with partners and selected carriers
in Canada and USA.
Matrix uses cutting edge information tech-
nology services and shipment tools that ensure
timely and flexible transport services solutions;
a personalized customer logistics service is their
trademark. In the competitive industry of trans-
port, Matrix offers a competitive advantage with
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