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MAY 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
was created by the Canadian Celiac Association
to allow Canadians an opportunity for safer
choices, whether they suffer from Celiac disease,
have gluten sensitivity or are simply seeking a
healthier alternative.
“Breaking into the retail market, we looked
for a way to provide something to the end-
consumer that was different and unique. Based
on our research, we found that 30% of the end
users are looking for a gluten-free option, and we
wanted to bring a quality product to the market.
We use all natural hand-cut fillets of our products
that are MSC-certified as sustainable and we have
the stamp of approval from the Canadian Celiac
Association. For us to introduce a new product,
we had to ensure that we were following the
values of the organization, and coming out with
something that was different, unique and high
quality, because that represents our organization,”
says John Mauro, Vice President of Sales.
Although seafood is their specialty, Toppits
also provides other healthy food choices to their
customers, such as frozen grilled vegetables,
vegan samosas, assorted hors d’oeuvres, and
their well-known Pop Herbs®.
“We actually bring in grilled vegetables from
Italy and do private label brands on those prod-
ucts, which you’ll see at your local grocers. That’s
the entrepreneurial side of our organization. We
travel to Italy, take the quality products, bring
them over here and offer them to the end-users,”
says Mauro.
O ce: 905.686.4287
1058 Copperstone Drive | Pickering | Ontario | L1W 3V8
We are extremely proud to have been involved in
this project. The dedication and commitment of the
Toppit’s team will undoubtedly translate into success
for years to come!
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