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Toppits Foods Ltd.
“Our goals are to
simplify seafood and
inspire every chef”
Toppits strives for originality, not only in the
products that they bring to market, but also in
their entire business approach. Toppits has an
innovation team that conceptualizes new items,
which are then created in their own in-house
culinary centre. The Toppits Seafood Market retail
outlet later tests the items with consumers, and
the winners are sent to Toppits’ target sectors.
“The culinary center is a good starting point
for us, in many different ways. One of them is
being able to bring in large, multiunit custom-
ers to consult with, offer them unique solutions
based on what they’re looking for and interact
with those end-consumers—giving cooking
classes, having them in our facility and working
with products so we can get direct feedback,”
says Mauro.
Toppits enjoys forging a strong connection
with both industry professionals and the end-
users—the people who buy and eat their food
products. With Toppits, you don’t have to dine at
a high-end restaurant to enjoy quality seafood,
as the company encourages consumers to cook
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