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MAY 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
at home by providing recipes on their website.
“We are the experts in seafood, and we
approach the business as being solution provid-
ers, whether in foodservice or in retail. We sit
down with foodservice professionals, go over the
options, find out what they’re trying to achieve
and then provide those solutions. We start with
good quality raw material and come out with
a product that allows the consumer to have
some fun with seafood, consumers are hesitant
to spend money on a protein that they do not
have experience cooking with. With us, we are
focussed on bringing more and more products
for the consumer to take home, cook and apply
different sauces. They can come to our website
and get videos and instructions on how to do
that so we can really be a partner to the chef-at-
home,” says Mauro.
A responsible,
trustworthy food
Toppits cares for both people and the planet,
and is determined to provide customers with
a healthy and sustainable alternative, as Mauro
describes sustainability as “the core element of
any responsible business.”
In 2011, Toppits created the “Think” pro-
gram to outline core practices for building and
maintaining a sustainable future, doing their
part to ensure the oceans natural resources
are preserved for future generations. They are
partners of global organizations such as the
Marine Stewardship Council, Ocean Wise, the
Aquaculture Stewardship Council and the Global
Aquaculture Alliance. In addition, the company
follows strict quality assurance procedures to
ensure the safety of their products.
“We value the importance of science-based
research and continuously work to improve
the world’s wild and farmed seafood resources:
our Quality Assurance is concerned with qual-
ity and sustainability. We send people out to our
products’ origins locations to make sure that all
participants in our supply chain are doing what
they say they’re doing. We have quality assurance
personnel in plants both at home and around the
world to ensure that our thorough specifications
are being followed, and our plants are subject
to very rigorous audits and certifications” Mauro
However, at the end of the day there is
no question in Mauro’s mind that what makes
Toppits truly exceptional is their people. The
Toppits’ staff is dedicated to ensuring Canadians
receive the best food choices, never compromis-
ing quality.
“Our people set us apart, no question. We’re
a family-run business and we hire unique individ-
uals that are extremely optimistic and dedicated.
We’re all in this together, and we have a passion
to change the industry. We’re always looking
for unique products from around the world that
are high quality and that the consumer can feel
comfortable and safe with,” says Mauro.
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