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to change and many farmers are quite leery about
the putting their fate into the hands of electronic
technology, especially because much of their
work is seasonal. They may have a need to be
out in the field for just a couple of weeks, so it’s
essential the unit works flawlessly when called
upon. But there was also a time when farmers
balked at the thought of using higher-priced radial
tires for their tractors. However, when the tractors
couldn’t properly navigate their way through the
fields with a plow there was a switch to radial tires
and all of a sudden the tractors were much more
able to pull the plows because of superior trac-
tion. Kraayenbrink envisions his system as being
equally revolutionary.
“It will take cooperation on machinery manu-
facturers to be able to put compressors into their
tractors, but we hope that our controller would
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