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“My family has been a huge help and without
them I wouldn’t have been able to do it. We’re
looking to establish the foundations for AgriBrink
to have a product that works really well and we
hope to entice an established company that could
use this in their product line.”
A primary objective is to inform as many
farmers and agricultural companies about the
product’s existence. As demand for the unit
increases AgriBrink is looking to team up with a
partner company that has the capability of mass-
producing the units. The message of innovative
improvements has to be reiterated many times
before any considerable movement can occur,
which is one of the reasons why Kraayenbrink has
spent a tremendous amount of time on the road,
talking about the notable advancements in tech-
nology that are now available to farmers.
Funding is available for eligible farmers
to receive up to 65% back on AgriBrink’s tire
inflation-deflation system, including installation
through the GLASI Farmland Health Incentive
Program. It is only available for a limited time so
Kraayenbrink hopes farmers take full advantage of
the significant cost savings. The Ontario Soil and
Crop Improvement Association will also be able to
provide more detailed information.
“It’s huge when the government takes our
system and makes it available to farmers and
says they’ll pay 65% of the cost to purchase the
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