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equipment because they recognize the benefit
of it. To have the ‘science world’ as I call it give
their approval to what we’re doing is a major
step and that’s about where we’re at right now.
I believe this is ready to just take off but it has to
earn the respect required to build the business,”
Kraayenbrink says.
Kraayenbrink attended Canada’s Outdoor Farm
Show for the fifth year this past September and the
AAID controller was so exceptionally well received
by those in attendance. “I was constantly busy with
people coming to talk with us. We had a couple
of tire companies that really took an interest and
could see the benefit of what this system can do
for their tires. When the tire manufacturers realize
this is equipment that can benefit their tire, it has
huge implications for this system to go ahead.”
Kraayenbrink averages six or seven major
trade shows per year, showcasing the AAID con-
troller system, but that number may increase over
time. Despite that full-time commitment he still
manages to be involved in the field work at his
farm but a good portion of his time is spent on
this new project, where he continues to add more
building blocks. As the system further develops,
one of his main objections is to have the system
be as user-friendly as possible.
“I want to sell a system and never hear about
any problems with it and we work hard to make
that happen,” he says.
Much of the attention created by the AAID
control system is still new to Kraayenbrink,
who up until five years ago had very seldom
been interviewed by a media outlet. Since then
AgriBrink has been featured in about 25 publica-
tions throughout North America.
It’s rather apropos that the 68th UN General
Assembly declared 2015 the International Year
of Soils, with the goal of raising full awareness
among civil society and decision makers about
the profound importance of soil for human
life. As an extension of that platform, it appears
Kraayenbrink is on the cusp of something big;
something that has the ability to transcend farm-
ing around the world.
“It’s huge when the
government takes our system
and makes it available to
farmers and says they’ll pay
65% of the cost to purchase
the equipment because they
recognize the benefit of it.”
– Jake Kraayenbrink
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