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Kombi Sports
Montreal-based Kombi Sports Inc. is
a leader in carefully designed gloves
and mittens. However, the company
recently extended its expertise in
keeping people warm to a head-to-
toe winter accessories line. “Embody
Warmth” is Kombi’s new tag line.
the family-owned
company built a reputation for outstanding cus-
tomer service and affordable, high tech gloves
and mittens. Today, however, Kombi products
range from base layers, socks, headwear to cold
weather accessories. These products are distrib-
uted in more than 1,500 stores across Canada
and in over 20 countries.
The Canadian Business Journal
spoke with
Vice President Mark Pascal about the com-
pany’s rebranding and new winter accessories
line and the warmth that keeps customers
coming back.
A New Focus
In 2013, Kombi decided to re-examine its brand
and core values. It conducted a survey that asked
Mark Pascal, Vice President
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