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The Canadian Business Journal
consumers, buyers, store-owners and floor staff in
Canada what they thought of Kombi. The results
were positive. However, while Kombi had been
selling a range of products since the 1990s, the
survey revealed that consumers largely associated
the company with gloves and skiing. So Kombi
rebranded and clarified its image. “Our new brand
image is part of an international growth strategy,
aiming to solidify Kombi’s relevance in the winter
clothing and accessories market,” Pascal says. He
explains that the big changed involved thinking
about Kombi in terms of winter not skiing, and
winter accessories not gloves.
As part of the rebranding, Kombi changed its
logo and signature. But it also defined new prod-
uct categories into Multi, Metro, Elite and Kids. It
added new packaging colours and pictograms
that let customers understand and pick products
more efficiently based on their needs.
On its revamped website, the company
designed a set of pictograms that describe how
the products keep the Kombi customer warm.
Some of these pictograms categories include
“Breathable,” Gore-Tex material with balanced
heat transfer and optimum moisture manage-
ment in harsh conditions. Or “Insulated” with
Ultraloft technology, a microfiber insulation
that’s wind and water resistant and lightweight.
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