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Passionate People
Royal Distributing’s employees are key to its
success. “The strength of our company has
been our employees,” Mochrie says. “Their pas-
sion and strengths have really pushed it ahead.”
For individuals who are passionate about
powersports, Mochrie encourages them to
pursue their dream and work in the indus-
try. “We need those enthusiasts that would
like to work in the business,” he says. “The
powersports industry is driven by passionate
fun-loving outdoors powersports customers.”
Royal Distributing recently joined forces
with Wellington County to create a family
sports centre called
Royal Distributing
Performance & Activity Centre.
County residents will have the opportunity to
participate in organized sports and healthy
leisure activities in this state-of-the-art sports
and recreation facility. Royal Distributing is very
proud of the sponsorship because it can give
back to the local community.
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