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company achieved success, what keeps the cus-
tomers coming back and some of its products.
Buy Right, Sell Right
Customer satisfaction is the company’s main
priority. It has built a reputation on filling
orders quickly and accurately. “We rely on a
very strong warehouse. If there’s an item in our
catalogue, we strive to have it in stock at all
times,” Mochrie says. “People have gotten used
to depending on us, and having fair prices, and
being able to get it to them in a realistic time.”
Royal Distributing guarantees most items
to customers overnight. This is essential
because vehicles breakdown and customers
require parts quickly. “The biggest key is to try
to have a fill rate of over 90% on a day-to-day
basis. It’s the old saying: ‘If you have it, they
will come,’” Mochrie says. “Customers want it
in that 24-hour span.”
When Royal Distributing first started, the
market for parts grew so rapidly that the plan
to remain an online mail order service only
quickly evaporated. Three years later, the com-
pany opened its first retail store in Barrie and
then in Guelph, Sudbury, Innisfil and Whitby,
Ontario. All the retail locations bring great
products, prices and service to the major mar-
kets in all corners of the province.
Royal Distributing’s operation hub is the
Guelph location on Woodlawn Road. Today,
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