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The Canadian Business Journal
recognizes the demand for comfort items,
such as three-wheel motorcycles and heated
clothing, seats and grips.
“There are two or three companies build-
ing three wheel motorcycles now versus two
wheels. If your legs are getting weaker and
you don’t want to stabilize the bike anymore,
you still have the option to ride,” Mochrie
says. “Companies are also building four
wheelers that are closed in and have heat.
Demands for a product that is easier to use
and the comfort zone expectations are getting
Keeping with its low-price promise, Royal
Distributing offers “Royal Weekly Specials” and
sells discounted and non-current products,
such as Fox Racing Motocross Helmets,
Leather Joe Rocket Jackets and snowmobile
suits from companies like FXR.
A new product that currently has people
talking is the Crank Plus, a multi-function
power supply. The Crank Plus has a recharge-
able Lithium-ion battery that produces more
power, is light weight and compact, and has
flashlights for charging in the dark. It cranks
anything from lawnmowers to diesel trucks,
including electronics. Crank Plus offers addi-
tional cranking power, so it gives vehicles
enough power to start, even in frigid tempera-
The retail stores carry a wide selection of
clothing for men, women and children from
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