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their own staff. This involves ensuring that staff
members have an exceptional work environment,
enabling them to deliver high quality service.
For instance, all employees receive a card on
their birthday, a recognition plaque after five years
of service, and an extra week of holidays after ten
years, along with a $2,500 travel gift certificate to
cover their expenses for a well-deserved vaca-
tion. When Big Kahuna’s sales force achieves their
targets, they are rewarded with a company trip to
Las Vegas. (Last year, 17 employees attended.) The
company also organizes a sales contest, and who-
ever wins gets a trip for two to Super Bowl 50 in
San Francisco. Lastly, Big Kahuna has a company-
wide incentive this year that will take all 60 staff on
a tropical vacation when they hit their sales target.
“Our people are the best in the business by far.
Our culture is so strong that it drives our people to
work harder, longer and with more passion. People
ask me, ‘How do you manage someone in Halifax?
How do you make sure they don’t sit around doing
nothing?’ It’s because we’ve built such a strong cul-
ture that everyone wants to do good. We provide
the best tools in the business so that people have
the best marketing support, product and go-to-
market strategy,” remarks Querin.
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