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Big Kahuna Sport Co.
Big Kahuna Sport Co. is a Surrey,
British Columbia based institutional
sporting goods business that serves all
of Canada. Gord Querin founded the
company in 1998 with just two assets.
to existing customers frommy
former employer who at the time was a leader in
the industry, and is now a competitor. Starting only
with a lawn chair and a cell phone, I contacted
customers asking for their support. Then reached
out to suppliers, again asking for that same support,
and it went on from there,” he recounts.
Big Kahuna has grown from humble begin-
nings to three brick-and-mortar locations: a
head office in Surrey, British Columbia; and two
other locations in Calgary, Alberta and Burlington,
Ontario. In addition, Big Kahuna has sales offices
from Vancouver to Halifax. But although the com-
pany has acquired new markets over the last few
years, their focus remains on quality over quantity.
A customer-oriented attitude has been at the
heart of Big Kahuna’s corporate values since its
“I built a nice network of loyal customers,
and really enjoyed that interaction by making a
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