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to fundraise, so we have that solution there for
them as well,” says Querin.
Big Kahuna takes pride in providing all of
their partners with superior service. They have
many three- to five-year contracted partner-
ships with over a hundred schools, associations,
colleges and universities across Canada, pro-
viding them with great pricing and marketing
support, in some cases offering athletic schol-
arships. They have also partnered with the
non-profits KidSport and Athletes Against
Bullying Alliance.
Through the partnerships they maintain and
the service they provide, the company continu-
ously demonstrates their genuine passion for
the sports industry in ways that go above and
beyond their competition. For example, last
year, Big Kahuna orchestrated a kind act for a
school in need.
“In December of last year we did a random act
of kindness for a low-income school called Holly
Elementary. They have just over 500 students who
are very needy, and I dressed up as Santa Claus
and our marketing team made a video about it.
‘Santa Claus’ delivered a soccer ball and Adidas
bag for all 500 students. We also donated a touch
screen computer kiosk with educational software
to their library, and I had my Rotary Club donate
$10,000,” Querin recalls. “We showed up kind of
unannounced, and we surprised the students with
this gift. Our whole staff got involved, and it was
Kahunaverse is another innovative initiative of Big
Kahuna Sport Co. It is a social platform of user-
generated content that celebrates their customers,
allowing them an outlet to share their sports-
related photos and videos.
Last year, Big Kahuna launched the
“Kahunaverse ambassador” campaign. Athletes
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