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The Canadian Business Journal
could apply and send in a video about why they
should be an ambassador. They were then given a
marketing kit to promote Kahunaverse within their
network or region. Monthly challenges throughout
the year provided opportunities for participants
to gain points, and whoever had the most points
earned scholarship money.
“The challenges were things like making a video
for our hot sauce or a video about why your team
is the best in the country,” Querin says.
A positive corporate
Querin is a firm believer that treating people well is
the key to building a successful business.
“Businesses always want to grow their revenues,
which we will do organically anyhow, but our big
focus is to be better and more efficient to become
a stronger, more sustainable business.”
Pervading Big Kahuna’s corporate culture is a
commitment to providing exceptional service to
all stakeholders in the sports industry, including
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