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Bestbuy Distributors
systems in the distributors’ businesses. You do a
lookup if you’ve got a specific vehicle, say a 2010
Ford Taurus that you needed an oil filter for. You’d
go onto the catalogue and find the part number,
brand and price. It catalogues and inventories
all of the products in the aftermarket. It doesn’t
catalogue all of the commodity products, like
tools, shop towels, gloves and brooms. All those
commodity products are non-application parts.
We need to be able to tell our customers and
shareholders we’ve got it. So, we came up with a
commodity catalogue that shows them all of that.
It’s been a massively successful sales and market-
ing tool in the field. Last year was the first year we
introduced it, and we’re working on next year’s
already,” explains VandeSande.
Dedication to the
Bestbuy Distributors recognizes that success
depends on both attracting new members and
ensuring continued satisfaction of their exist-
ing membership. To offer something more for
their members, Bestbuy hosts annual meetings
and events, the major ones being their Buy & Sell
event in September, and their Annual General
Meeting in February.
The Buy & Sell event consists of one-on-one
meetings between wholesalers and suppliers,
and is held at a different location every year.
“It’s kind of like speed dating,” VandeSande
analogizes. “We select our top 45 vendors, and
we get them hotel rooms. They take the beds
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